Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Sweet It Is.

Being without a job leaves you open to help others out. Well today was one of those days, I did a little baby sitting, I haven't held a baby that small and sweet in a long time. I thought she was going to whip my posteria but I handled the little darling, I had to speed up a little because I was a little too slow for her. She wanted her bottle and I had to warm the bottle, got it too hot had to let it cool. She was wimpering and crying all this time. Now this baby is on breast milk, thank goodness I had no trouble with her taking her bottle, which is cool enough to give to her now.
But she is still whinning and wimpering, I know what is wrong with her she is hot, I remember babies don't like to be too hot. I had the furnace on so I turned it down. Didn't help at first, so I took off that very heavy jumpsuit she had on. Her mother brought her over in this outfit. After I changed her outfit to a cooler version of the wear, she took the rest of her bottle and went to sleep she slept from 9:00am to12:30 pm. good nap. Gave me time to do a little things around the house.

Isn't life grand. I have to admitt I loved every minute of it.

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